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The HYDE® Way.

What jobs are you working on? Could there be a better way to get them done?
Those are the questions we ask every day as we design new tools for professional contractors and ‘pros at home.” Whether your next job is remodeling, cleaning, prepping or painting, Hyde has tools that will make the difference. In fact, we’ve made an art of reinventing the way work gets done, to make it go faster and easier and deliver a better finish.

Washing your deck? We’ve got a PivotPro for that, and it will cut your cleaning time from half a day to half an hour. Repairing walls? Where do we start? At the very least, save time and mess with one of our dust-free sanders. For painters, we’ve got an airless sprayer that’s so advanced that it’s hard to describe! Let’s let this crazy painter friend of ours, Jay Bowen, tell you that story.

At thehydeway.com, you’ll find a few of our recent innovations. To find more, visit hydetools.com or go through our online catalog: English – Spanish – Retro. Enjoy! We look forward to helping you finish that to-do list.


Wet N Set and Dust-Free Sanding Kit

17-in-1 Multi-Tool

Brand 2

17-in-1 Painter's Tool

PivotPro Water Wand

Dust-Free Sponge Sander

Quality Spoof Video

6-in-1 Tool