These Pretty Pots are the Perfect Summer DIY

By Kerrie Kelly

July 11, 2017

As if you needed another reason to decorate for your next summertime soiree, we partnered with Hyde Tools to craft the easiest (and prettiest) DIY you’ll do this season. Our team grabbed some terracotta pots from the local home goods store and got to work outside to create prettily painted pots featuring the summer’s hottest colors. Keep reading for an easy tutorial!

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Apply a light coat of primer

As with most projects, it’s always a great idea to prep. Dust off your terracotta pots checking for any cracks or stubborn dirty areas, and grab a paint primer. We like to work with aerosol primer as its easier to control. If you decide to use a spray primer, grab the Hyde Paint Shield to make sure you only get primer on the areas you mean to spray (and not your fence, for example). Make sure your primer has dried completely (we advise checking on it in half an hour) before you head to Step 2.

Pro Tip: Use the Hyde Paint Shield for home decor projects involving any type of spray– Spraying for bugs, adding a finishing coat of paint to your fence, or sealing other outdoor projects.

Step 2: Mix and apply paint

There’s nothing worse than paint that just won’t cooperate, especially if its a fun shade of lime green or cool blue (as those are the shades to use this summer). To make sure our paint was project-ready, we reached for our handy-dandy Hyde Stir Whip. Easily attaching to our electric drill, we were able to control the speed of the mixer to make sure all of the paint was being mixed and prepared for use.

After you’ve successfully prepped your paint, start applying in light brush strokes, watching out for air bubbles or drips. After the first coat dries a little bit, go ahead and start a second so that your pot is thoroughly covered in paint and as bright as can be.

Pro Tip: During the summer months, painting pots light and bright tones help add a touch of shine to your patio. Post-summertime, bring them indoors to add brightness to your interior.

Feeling a little more artsy? Consider some of these design ideas for your painted pot project:

Step 3: Let dry and add favorite plants

The last step (and most likely the easiest in the lineup) is to sit back, relax, and let nature take its course. Make sure your pot is completely dry (we used the Hyde Tools Paint Shield to make sure the interior of our pot stayed dry and paint-free) before you start planting. We’ve selected drought-proof perennials due to our dry California climate, but any outdoor plant is suitable for potting. Dust off excess dirt, place in a cool shaded area, and admire your work!

Special thanks to Hyde Tools for providing the products demonstrated in this tutorial. Images and opinions are all our own unless otherwise stated.

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Kerrie Kelly

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