Who Knew? Bob Vila Highlights Must-Have Painting Tools You May Not Know You Need

October 6, 2017

With so many paint tool options out there, it’s tough to do our own detective work. Luckily for DIYers, Bob Vila knows exactly where to look to uncover items you never knew you needed — until you needed them. If you’re adamant about completing painting projects around the house without calling a pro, start strong by enlisting the right painting tools and accessories from the get-go. Ditch that one-trick-pony of a scrapy scraper and replace it with a 17-in-1 Painter’s Tool that can take on more work (without taking up more space). Create crisp edges that would make even a professional painter nod in approval by incorporating a paint shield into your collection. Paint right out of your primary gallon by popping a Pour & Roll Pour Spout and Roller Grid onto it, avoiding sloppy spills and a multitude of messy containers

Don’t simply “get the job done” — take on projects that you can be proud of. After all, what’s better than having guests over and being able to remark, “Oh, you like the new look? I did that myself.” To see even more must-have paint tools, read the original article on BobVila.com.