Idaho Painter Goose Neck Paint Brush

The Idaho Painter Reviews the Richard Goose Neck Bendable Paint Brush

July 19, 2017

Put the duct tape and extension pole down — there are easier (and more professional) ways to extend your painting reach. Once upon a time a painter may have needed to improvise when a surface was just out of their reach but today we have extendable, bendable paint brushes like the Richard Goose Neck Paint Brush to help us out.

In his video review, The Idaho Painter makes his favorite features of this Richard brush clear. First, it “completely eliminates one of the tools that you have to carry in your van” because it screws right onto an extension pole without an adapter. The second discovery is that the paint brush is completely bendable yet durable. “It’s pretty hard to bend, so it keeps its shape,” he demonstrates in his review.

Watch his entire video to hear how the Richard Goose Neck Paint Brush has helped him work around a few painting pinches already, and why he considers it a must-have to keep in every painter’s vehicle. After all, you never know when you’ll need a little flexibility in your work day.