Mark From MyFixItUpLife Takes a Hyde Wire Brush to a Broken Wall

September 30, 2017

Homeowners, we don’t have to tell you twice — if the ground moves, chances are your block retaining wall is going to move, too. When you notice a capstone has parted ways with your wall, you’ll want to take care of it quickly (especially if you have climb-happy kids around). When the time comes, look to Mark from MyFixItUpLife to learn exactly how to get in there and repair a broken retaining wall quickly and easily. Armed with some heavy-duty construction adhesive, a caulking gun, and an abrasive Hyde wire brush, he demonstrates how to remove the broken block, scrape away the old residue, and apply a new layer of adhesive to keep the loose stone snug. Watch the full video to see exactly how he gets the job done and file this away as a future DIY-done-right.