Fix It Home Improvement Demonstrated the Hyde PivotJet™ Pro

July 20, 2017

Summer days are meant to be spent outdoors — but first, you’ll want to make the outside of your home as presentable and relaxation-worthy as the inside. To help tackle the most time-consuming outdoor cleaning tasks, the folks behind Fix It Home Improvement rely on the Hyde PivotJet™Pro. In this video, the PivotJet™ Pro is used to clean an outdoor brick patio in three simple steps: spray soapy water on the patio surface, deep clean with a scrubbing broom, and rinse it all away with the PivotJet™ Pro’s “water only” setting.

Watch the full video to see the Fix It Home Improvement crew utilize the pivoting nozzle for window washing and gutter cleaning. No matter which angle you look at it, every direction points to a fresh outdoor space ready to greet guests.