Quickly Clean Glove-tray

Bob Vila Uses the Quickly Clean Glove as a “Secret Weapon”

July 16, 2017

Pulled the short straw for cleaning duty? For many of us, household chores are the stuff of nightmares — and the longer they’re put off, the worse it gets. This is especially apparent when it comes to that one groan-worthy room: the dreaded bathroom and the soap scum that lives there. Bob Vila relies on one mess-clearing contraption to make the grime disappear with the wave of a hand: the Hyde Quickly Clean Glove.

“To get rid of soap scum, simply moisten the glove with water, pull it on, and swipe the stubborn stuff away. Use your entire hand for large areas and a fingertip to get into corners and crannies like the soap dish—you’ll be done in a flash.”

You can be as careful as possible to avoid messes while you’re working on a project, but the cleaning craze is never quite finished around the house. Read more of Bob Vila’s cleaning tips here: 11 Secret Weapons to Keep in Your Cleaning Caddy.