Bob Vila Tackles Curb Appeal Projects with Hyde Tools

September 25, 2017

The phrase “curb appeal” can be overwhelming in the homeownership world. After hearing it, many of us get visions of expensive, time-consuming roof work and landscaping projects. While it’s true that a few home exterior projects can take more than the typical amount of elbow grease (it is at the mercy of the elements, after all) many of the ways you can boost curb appeal don’t require a ton of time or dollars at all. As Bob Vila reminds us, with a collection of Hyde Tools by your side and an hour to kill, you can keep your home’s first impression positive without sacrificing your whole weekend.

From tackling house siding with a Hyde PivotPro to removing rust from iron fences with MAXXGRIP PRO Mini Brushes, read more about how Bob Vila uses Hyde Tools to keep curb appeal front-and-center.